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Starting Dog Obedience Training

Starting dog obedience training: Boston and beyond

When it comes to dog obedience training, Boston is lucky that it’s got Best Dog Training Boston on the doorstep!

We operate in the greater Boston area and are here to help you maximize your dog’s natural abilities, so you have an obedient pet you can enjoy this city with!

One of the questions we’ve been asked is when owners should start training their dog, so read on to learn a bit more.

Best Dog Training in Boston


When should I start dog obedience training?

It’s never too early to start dog obedience training. Boston has some beautiful green spaces and outdoor areas. If you want to enjoy these with your new best friend, it’s important they get the right training from a young age.

As for when you should start? Well, puppies can learn simple commands like “sit” and “stay” from as young as seven or eight weeks old.

If they’re younger, they might not understand what you’re saying. They might also be a bit too distracted to pay attention, the world can be pretty interesting for a new puppy after all!

You should definitely keep talking to them though, as this way your puppy will learn the sound of your voice – which will make future dog obedience training much easier.

The trick here is to be patient. Your puppy is learning who you are and what you sound like. After a few goes, it will soon start understanding what you want it to do (or not do). Then the fun starts!

Being a puppy parent is a lot of work. You’ve got to help them with potty training, create training, and make sure you socialize them with other dogs and people too!

Sound stressful? Don’t worry, we can help you out. Our intensive obedience courses are designed for puppies aged five months and above, but we can still help you get to know your puppy and learn how to manage them.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, call (845) 420-4313 about our program for puppies aged under five months.

I’ve got an older dog, is it too late to start dog obedience training?

No! We believe most behavior problems, like biting, chewing and jumping, are down to lack of exercise, discipline and boredom.

A good training combats all three at once! If your dog is engaged, exercised and taught to be obedient, it’ll be much happier and fit into your home. Training your dog can be tricky. Fortunately, you’re talking about some of the best dog obedience training Boston has to offer.

We can help your dog master the level of obedience needed in the real world, no matter how old it is. Your dog will thank you too, what dog wouldn’t want the chance to play off-leash with its owner’s full confidence?

How do I start dog obedience training?
Boston has so much going on!

Once your dog has mastered a few basic commands, it’s time to train it properly. There’s plenty of things your dog needs to know if it’s going to be out and about with you. Whether you’re asking it to “come”, “sit”, drop something, pick something up or walk without a leash – when it comes to dog obedience training, Boston demands your dog knows its stuff!

We understand busy schedules mean things fall to the wayside. And if you’re considering dog obedience training, Boston can offer plenty of distractions. That’s why we make sure all of our courses are flexible and suited to you.

We even offer a two-week board and train program. Drop your dog off and, two weeks later, you’ll have an obedient best friend you can walk off the leash with!

Do I need dog obedience training?

It’s important you consider dog obedience training. Boston is a busy city, and an untrained dog can create unnecessary stress in your household.

A dog that sits, walks to heel, stops barking when told too and doesn’t chew the furniture is every dog owner’s dream. With just a few training sessions in your own home, this dream can be a reality.

A well-trained dog can walk off the leash even in crowded streets. You won’t need to pull the leash and rein your dog in. Instead you simply have to tell your dog to walk to heel and it will do so!

That level of trust impacts positively on your relationship with your dog. The more you can trust you pet, the better a relationship you will have with it. Dog obedience is a world-wide skill too. With good training, these skills can be taken everywhere in Boston and beyond!

Obedience training is also great for your dog. Without anything to do, dogs become bored and act out. With training, your dog has a purpose and will be much less likely to act out for attention.

Interested in having a well-trained, obedient dog on your house? Call us today (845) 420-4313